Want to thrive in life and business?

There’s an easier, lighter, and more joyful way to find true, lasting success.

Through business and soul-purpose coaching, I guide people to transition & thrive from a place of greater joy, deeper purpose, and true success.


“We had a dream in our hearts for 15 years that we had not brought to life, but through Tiamo’s coaching, we launched our dream & it was a huge success! We earned $150K in one weekend, but more importantly, we found our greatest purpose & were in tears to have met our destiny. We’re extremely grateful to Tiamo!”
-Yvette & Dave Ulloa, Relationship Coaches, Retreat Leaders

Find your Purpose

Free Masterclass

Joy First

The Revolutionary New Method to Thrive in Life & Business

▶︎ What is Joy First?

It’s a radical reprioritization of how you invest your time & energy that results in…

Expansive joy, deep gratitude, & greater success WITHOUT trading time for money, sacrificing your well-being, or negleting your relationships.

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Keynote Concerts

Motivational Speaking

Keynote Concerts

The next-gen way to deliver keynotes that combines inspiration, performance, and creativity.

▶︎ What’s a Keynote Concert?

This isn’t your ordinary, boring keynote! Tiamo combines motivational speaking with an all-in-one experience of live original music, inspiring personal stories, and life-changing lessons.

Meeting planners, transform your audience with a dynamic, creative, & unforgettable keynote experience that will blow them away!.

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Thriving Musician

Thrive with your music passion in new ways that the music industry doesn’t want you to know about.

▶︎ How?

If you’re tired of being under-valued in the “music industry matrix”, come thrive with us by delivering Keynote Concerts at conferences, high-end Custom Songs, and growing your fan base in new ways.

Are you a musician with a mission, but few people (if any) are listening? Get ready for all of that to change…

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Original Songs

Tiamo's Music

Want to hear Tiamo’s original music?

Listen to song clips, see music videos, and learn more about his custom songwriting business

Tiamo’s music is filled with heart and soul. Come see what we mean…

❖ Listen to Tiamo’s work here▼

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