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Tiamo transforms lives with his live “Keynote Concerts” at conferences while mentoring other artists to thrive in the international conference market


“The greatest of musicians to have ever inspired, uplifted, & motivated me is Tiamo. He captures human emotion in his songs better than anyone I’ve ever seen or heard!”
Dr. Sean Stephenson, Hall of Fame Speaker, Author, TV Personality

Tiamo was named L.A. Music Award’s “Singer Songwriter of the Year” & San Diego Acoustic Award’s “Best Songwriter”

Inspired by artists such as Jason Mraz, Andy Grammar, John Mayer, G-Love, & Jewel at the start of his career, Tiamo has been featured on FOX, CBS, & NBC.

He has performed live for audiences of up to 15,000 people, & released multiple studio albums including “Back To Love” & “Living The Lyrics”.

Something that makes Tiamo so unique is that he is a motivational speaker who combines speaking, storytelling, & live music to deliver “Keynote Concerts”.

Infusing his on-stage charisma with inspiring personal stories, life lessons, & original songs, Tiamo creates an unforgettable “songversation” experience for conference attendees.

He also offers original custom songs for special events, & supports music artists who want to thrive with Keynote Concerts as “Motivational Musicians”.

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Tiamo has performed and spoken to over 100,000 people, and has moved audiences since he was seven years old. Despite growing up on stage, Tiamo’s career as a singer/songwriter didn’t materialize until he intuitively hopped on a Greyhound bus headed for Virginia…just a few days after graduating from the University of Arizona.

Shortly after, a close friend insisted that he explore the combination of songwriting and performing. After fighting it for a year, Tiamo had a hard time turning down his friend’s offer to buy him a guitar as long as he kept one promise to his friend—get the guitar, let it sit in your living room, and as Tiamo’s friend put it, “the songs will find you”.

Surely enough, Tiamo looked at his new guitar one rainy night, picked it up, and without any songwriting training and knowing just one chord, he “accidentally” wrote his first song.

In the years following, Tiamo received radio play, grew a loyal fan base, and was able to pursue his music passion as a full-time career.

But despite the awards and success, Tiamo encountered the dark side of the music industry—and staying true to his integrity and mission, walked away at the peak of his career.

A new path of purpose unfolded


Years later, Tiamo found lucrative opportunities outside the music industry and re-invented himself by delivering keynote concerts, and re-ignited his new music career.

In time, Tiamo began coaching other music artists about how to have similar success through his webinars, on-line courses, and live 3-day seminars.

Ultimately, Tiamo created a year-long mastermind, curriculum, and certification program for music artists who want to take the same path.

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Coaching with Tiamo

▶︎ Are you a music artist who’s tired of being undervalued, underpaid, and overlooked in the “music industry matrix”?

I was there, until I found abundant and lucrative opportunities outside the music industry by delivering Keynote Concerts at live conferences, and high-end custom songs for conferences, influencers, and speakers.

Just to give you a glimpse, I make up to $20K per keynote concert gig.

And now, you can thrive with this model too when you follow my guidance—because I’m on a mission to empower other music artists!

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